Return of quality goods

You can return the item within 14 days of purchase. We recommend packing the item properly and sending it registered. The returned item must be complete. The appearance of the parts must be unchanged (the part must not be broken, the protective film must not be removed or the part must not be damaged in any other way). Before installing and removing the protective films from the part, turn on the screen and test it completely.

We pay a fixed amount of money for the return of defective goods. For the return of goods with a value of less than €50, we compensate €6. For goods whose value exceeds €50, we reimburse €10. We always test the goods after receiving the shipment. Shipping in all other cases is paid by the buyer.

You can send the goods to:

International Post (Register - send us the tracking number after sending the product)

Lietuvos paštas
Totorių st. 8, Vilnius

Please contact us prior to returning items, please don't simply post the item back, always include your receipt, order number or proof of purchase to help us track where it's come from. It may take 1-3 days for us to process the return, excluding weekends and band holidays.

Return of defective goods

The warranty for parts of the phone is 12 months, but if physical damage such as scratches on the LCD screen is visible, the warranty does not apply. The batteries have a 6-month warranty.