1. How long does delivery take?

We usually deliver items:

  • In European Union countries within 4-8 days.
  • In United States and Canada within 8-14 days.
  • Other countries within 8-20 days

2. Can I track my order?

Yes. After sending the items, we will send you the shipment tracking number to your indicated email address.

3. What are the shipping costs?

  • Shipping price via International Post is €4.90

4. Can I pick up an order directly from you?

We send all our items by post. There is currently no possibility to pick up the order from the physical store.

5. Where do you send the items from?

We send all products from Europe, EU.



1. Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay for the items by Bank Transfer or with Credit/Debit Card.

2. How do I know if my payment has been received?

After receiving your payment, we will send an invoice for the paid order to your indicated e-mail address.


Return Policy

1. How do I return an item?

To return the item, fill in the Return form.

2. How long can I return an item?

  • All items may be returned within 14 calendar days of delivery.
  • The item must be undamaged, unused and packed in the original packaging.
  • For more return information, click here.

3. I received the item but I no longer need it, will I have to pay for the return and how much will it cost me?

Refunds for items that did not require a refund must be paid by the customer. You can return an item to the address indicated on the Return form. Upon receipt of the item, we will refund all money paid. See the returns section for more information.

4. I received the product, but the product is defective, will I have to pay for its return?

We compensate a fixed amount of money for the return of defective goods. Upon receipt of the item, we will refund all money paid. See the returns section for more information.



1.  I made multiple orders, can you combine them?

Contact us at the contacts indicated and if we have not sent the previous order, we will combine the orders into one.

2. How do I contact you?

You can find our contacts by pressing here.